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duduMobile offers latest Smart messaging tools of customized Alphanumeric originator, Flash Messages, Mobile Ringtones, Picture Messages, Logos for enriching the mobile marketing and messaging. Our solutions include:

Corporate messaging
Corporate SMS (Short Message Services) solutions let our corporate clients communicate instantly with individuals or groups of customers; employees or suppliers, using an SMS message service.

Interactive Messaging
This is the product for the media and entertainment industry. Our messaging platform provides excellent and economic means of communicating with the viewers and organizing various live and interactive shows. The objective is to attract people to their channel, retain them and make them loyal.

Business mobility
Business mobility solutions put the resources of the back office in the hands of field sales and service people. Employees can carry out business transactions efficiently and securely, anytime and anywhere, using mobile phones and SMS as an excellent means of communication and query resolution.

SMS Alerts
SMS Alerts is a suite of SMS products that lets our content partners/clients deliver a choice of content to their customers. The content delivered can help build a consumer base, cement brand loyalty and generate income. For example hospitals are using the solutions to send reminders about the medicine to their patients.

Mobile Marketing
The convergence of two of today's most significant technologies — data services and telecommunications — marks the dawn of a unique and powerful new consumer mass medium.

Radio / TV Commerce
Further our platform enables Radio / TV commerce. Viewers can ask for a call from the company directly on SMS while watching/listening the advertisement. The advertiser customer care can then make a call and collect the order from the customer.
We also add transaction capabilities to advertising content.

Nollywood Promotion tool – Movies / Music Albums
Nollywood spends millions of naira in promoting their movies and new releases. Our platform adds a new dimension to any such launch campaigns. Any contest on TV Channel / Print media can be organized keeping the movie tickets as prizes or any other attractive prizes. The response to the prize question can be collected on SMS platform. In one go the campaigners would come to know the intensity of their campaign and involvement of the mass. Similar campaigns can be launched pre and post release.

Web/Wap Site Design
The development of high-end data base driven sites and application development for the WEB and for WAP.

A Private Branch eXchange (also called PBX, Private Business eXchange or PABX for Private Automatic Branch eXchange) is a telephone exchange that serves a particular business or office, as opposed to one a common carrier or telephone company operates for many businesses or for the general public. One of the latest trends in PBX development is the VoIP PBX, also known as an IPBX, which uses the Internet Protocol to carry calls. Most modern PBXs support VoIP.
IP Telephony is basically voice communication process using the existing Local Area Network (LAN) facility. It is a process of making calls with the IP phone to another IP Phone or an extension which is connected by the high feature IP-PBX. IP-PBX is an advanced software (SERVER) PBX that replicates but surpasses the functions and features of traditional digital PBX. IP-PBX runs on your existing Local Area Network (LAN) and also runs from site-to-site, it connects all the IP phones on the network together. The IP-PBX changed the fundamental structure of the PBX market to deliver a new set of benefits to enterprises. Functionally, the PBX performs three main duties:
- Establishing connections (circuits) between the telephone sets of two users. (e.g. mapping a dialed number to a physical phone, ensuring the phone isn't already busy)
- Maintaining such connections as long as the users require them. (i.e. channeling voice signals between the users)
- Providing information for accounting purposes (e.g. metering calls)
In addition to these basic functions, PBXs offer many other calling features and capabilities, with different manufacturers providing different features in an effort to differentiate their products.

Mobile Security Solutions
- Mobile phone jammers: To prevent calls being made in restricted areas.
- Motion detectors with mobile phone alerts upon intrusion
- Smart CCTV with mobile phone connectivity: Takes pictures upon intrusion and sends them to a mobile device.

We offer VSAT services for housing schemes and estates as well as townships or corporate coverage.
"I dress pass Jim Iyke, but Jim Iyke get clothes pass me."
I Go Save (comedian)

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